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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of an exchange?  Our current exchange fee is $99.00.  This fee is not paid until your request has been matched and is ready to be confirmed. 


Do you have any other fees or charges?  We do not have any hidden fees or charges.  We do offer options for late banking, extending your week, and special requests, however, it is up to you whether you take advantage of these options.  You do not pay any fees other than the exchange fee unless you specifically request one of these options. 


When do I pay the exchange fee?  You do not pay the exchange fee until we find a match for your request.  Before we can send you a confirmation, you will be required to pay the fee. 


Do I need to deposit my week in order to put in a request?  No. You can ask about available inventory or put in a request for future inventory without depositing, however, those who deposit before or at the time of the request will receive priority to the available and future inventory.  A Resort Verification and Authorization Form must be signed by your home resort to verify that you are eligible to deposit your week.  Crown Vacation Exchange allows you to put your week on hold for up to one year if you choose not to put in a request at the time you deposit your week. 


How far in advance do I need to deposit my week?  Your week must be submitted for deposit at least 30 days prior to the start date.  We do offer late banking for a fee of $25.00; however, the week must still be at least 7 – 14 days prior to the start date in order to allow us time to offer it to another owner.  Weeks with start dates that have already passed will not be accepted for deposit.    


How far in advance can I put in my exchange request?  You can put in your request at any time. Weeks that are one year prior to the start date or less may be submitted for deposit.  If you are searching for a date that is more than one year away from the current date, we can enter your search but keep in mind that we may not have any available inventory until less than a year from the start date you are requesting. 


What is your cancellation policy?  We ask that you notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your reservation.  Your exchange fee is not refundable; however, you can put in another request to travel as long as your deposited week has not expired. You will be charged another exchange fee once that reservation is confirmed.  Another option available is the Crown Vacation Exchange Vacation Assurance.  If you purchased the Vacation Assurance and give 24 hours notice of the cancellation, another travel request can be made and confirmed without additional exchange fees.    


I am already a member of another exchange company.  Can I still use Crown Vacation Exchange?  Yes.  Crown Vacation Exchange does not require that you be a member in order to use our services.  You can deposit with us one year and not the next if you choose.  There is no contract to sign and there are no membership fees to pay.      


How do I receive confirmation of my reservation?  Once your reservation is booked, you will receive a confirmation letter either by email or by regular mail.  If your start date is in less than 14 days, you may choose to receive the confirmation by email or fax.


Do my maintenance fees have to be paid before I can deposit my week?  Normally, Yes.  Most resorts require that your annual maintenance fees are paid for the year you wish to deposit.  If you are trying to deposit for a future year, your resort may allow you to pre-pay the fees based on the current year rate.  A Resort Verification and Authorization Form must be signed your home resort to verify that you are eligible to deposit your week.    


If I have more than one week deposited and request more than one week, will they be confirmed at the same time? No.  Each request may be confirmed as soon as a match is found for that week.


Will I be required to check in on a certain day of the week?  The check-in day is set by each individual resort.  Before you put in your request, you might want to verify the check-in day of the resort you are requesting to be sure it will work with your travel plans.    


What is the best way to get a confirmed exchange into peak times at the resort I would like to visit?   When you would like to travel during a holiday or prime season, it is important that you put your request in as early as possible.  There won’t always be availability; however, we will do our best to secure the location and dates you wish to travel.  By putting in your request early, it gives us a better chance of finding your desired vacation destination. 


Can I extend my week if it is due to expire?  Yes.  You automatically have one year before and one year after the start date of your week to use it; however, if you see you will not be able to travel during that time, you have two options to extend your expiration date.  You can extend it by 3 months for a fee of $25.00 or by 6 months for a fee of $50.00.  If you have still not traveled against your deposited week by the end of the new expiration date, these fees are not refundable and the week will expire.


Does my reservation have to be within the one year period from the start date or can it be after that time as long as I book it before the one year expiration date?  You must actually travel against the week you have on deposit before one year after the start date.  If you see you will not be able to do so, you might consider our option that allows you to pay to extend your week.  It is up to the owner/member to make sure they travel before their deposited week expires.     


Can I send a guest to my Crown Vacation Exchange reservation?  Yes.  You can make a reservation in a guest’s name.  There are no extra fees required to do this; however, you will be responsible for the actions of that guest during their stay at the resort. Please provide the guest’s information at the time of confirmation so the resort can be notified.    


Does Crown Vacation Exchange use trading power?  No.  Requests are matched based on availability in the order they are received. 

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